Fabric Testing: What is the Fabric Rub Test?

Fabric Testing: What is the Fabric Rub Test?Selecting the perfect furniture upholstery fabric can be a tough decision.  At My Fabric Connection we have thousands of different colors and styles to choose from. We recommend as you’re searching through our many options, you first focus on the color and style that you like best.  After all, you want to like the way the fabric is going to look in your house. After you have decided on a color and style, then you can focus on the fabric’s durability.  What you are using the fabric for will determine how durable a fabric you need.

Double Rub Fabric Testing
When searching your options at My Fabric Connection, one of the most important things to look for when considering the fabric durability is its Double Rub score.  The Double Rub is a fabric rub test that scores the fabric durability.  Companies have machines that do fabric testing to simulate a person sitting down and then standing back up.  These two actions constitute the “double rub”.  After the double rub fabric testing, the fabric is scored a number, for example, 25,000 double rubs.  This means that a person could sit down and stand back up 25,000 times before the fabric will show wear.

Double Rub Scores
Any fabric that is scored at 6,000 or less in the fabric rub test is considered light duty.  These fabrics are typically your lighter weight fabrics or fabrics that would be used for draperies, like silk.  A score of 6,000 to 10,000 would be the medium duty fabrics.  These fabrics tend to cost less and, in most cases, are still really good fabrics.  They may work well for furniture that isn’t used all the time, like dining room chairs.  Any fabric that scores over 10,000 is a heavy duty fabric and one that can handle a lot of use. These are great for couches and the like.

So enjoy checking out all our color and style options at My Fabric Connection. Be sure to check for the double rub score to make sure the fabric you love will have the durability you need!

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