What is Mohair Fabric?

mohairIf you are looking for a smooth, luxurious and natural fabric, you have just found it in Mohair fabric.

What is Mohair fabric?
Mohair fabric is fabric made from the hair of the Angora goat. Angora goats are shorn twice a year, and their hair is cleaned and used to create a variety of mohair fabrics. The largest exporter of Mohair fabric is South Africa with the United States being the world’s second largest producer of Mohair.  Texas is home to many Angora goat farms and leads the county in Mohair production.  Mohair fabric is one the oldest textile fabrics that is still in use today.  It is a wonderful fabric for both its look and feel as well as its durability and usefulness.

Common Mohair Uses
Mohair fabric can be used for multiple purposes. 

  • Mohair fabric works very well as a drapery fabric.  Mohair acts as an excellent insulator to keep cold air out in the winter and as a barrier against hot temperatures in the summer months.
  • Mohair fabric is also very popular as an upholstery fabric.  It is soft to the touch, with a velvet like feel.  It has a high luster and sheen and does not felt like wool from a sheep will.  It is an extremely durable fabric and is flame resistant.
  • Finer mohair fabrics are also used for clothing.  The clothing can keep you warm in the winter, but also relatively cool in the summer due to its moisture wicking qualities.

The Diamond Fiber
Mohair fabric is a very expensive fabric, and is considered to be a luxury fiber similar to cashmere and silk. Some have nicknamed Mohair the “Diamond Fiber”! At My Fabric Connection we are proud to offer this product.  Mohair fabric can often run between $100 to $400 per yard.  However, at My Fabric Connection, we are currently able to offer mohair  fabrics for as little as $69.98.  It is a high end product and one that looks and feels very plush; but if you want a fine and beautiful fabric, mohair is one of the finest.

If you are in the market for Mohair Fabric, we invite you to check out our selection of mohair fabric at My Fabric Connection.  Our easy online navigation can allow you to search by Mohair fabric to find the perfect fabric for your needs.

Nevada Lacquer Wool
Nevada Lacquer Wool
Fabric Content: 100% Wool Mohair
Performance: NA
Nevada Glacier Wool
Nevada Glacier Wool
Fabric Content: 100% Wool Mohair
Performance: NA
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