What is Mohair Velvet?

mohair velvetMohair
Mohair is a natural fabric made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is regarded as a high end fabric and is in demand for its durability, high luster and soft feel.  Unlike wool, mohair is not an itchy fabric.  Mohair fabric has been used in symphony halls, hotel lobbies, movie theaters, office furniture and is a wonderful fabric for home use.

Velvet refers to a specific finish done to fabric.  Velvet can be made from many types of fabrics including cotton, polyester and silk.  Velvet is created on a specialized loom that allows for the weave threads to go through two pieces of fabric instead of one.  This end result is what is known as “pile”, which are the threads that are left sticking up.  This pile is soft to the touch and creates the plush look.  Velvet is typically considered to be a high end fabric.

So what is mohair velvet?
Mohair velvet is basically the velvet finish applied to mohair fabric.  You get the durability and high quality look of the mohair fabric, with the high plush and soft feel of a velvet.  Mohair velvet fabric is one of the top of the line fabrics. It’s a high end fabric made into a high end finish!

Uses of Mohair Velvet
Mohair velvet will be an extremely durable fabric and would be an excellent choice for use as an upholstery fabric.  It could also be used as a drapery fabric.  Mohair fabrics dye beautifully so many colors are available.

Mohair Velvet Selection:
If you are interested in mohair velvet fabric, we invite you to check out our selection at My Fabric Connection.  We have a wonderful selection of mohair fabrics.  Here are some popular mohair velvet fabrics we carry here at My Fabric Connection.  You can find a full catalog of our mohair velvet fabrics here.

Palermo Mohair
Velvet (Beige)

Palermo Mohair Velvet
Fabric Content: 51% Mohair, 49% Cotton
Performance: Martindale 90,000
Palermo Mohair
Velvet (Green)

Palermo Mohair Velvet green
Fabric Content: 100% 51% Mohair, 49% Cotton
Performance: Martindale 90,000
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