How Do You Control Light with Drapery?

Ariella-Jacobean-Robin's-1319001-300Drapery can add the finished look to your widows and enhance your home décor.  Drapery can also allow you to control the amount of light you let into your room.  Much of this will depend on the purpose of your room and your personal choices.  Do you enjoy the outside scenery from your windows and would like to maintain a lot of light coming into your room?  Do you need to block the light for a dark room and a good night’s sleep? Depending on your answers and needs for your room, it may affect which material you use for your drapery.

Sheer Drapery Fabric
Sheer drapery fabric is an excellent choice for a window covering that still maintains some of the view outside.  Sheer drapes will allow some light to come through into the room.  They can add an elegant touch to the windows and provide a soft and breezy look to a room.  This can be a perfect choice for a great room or dining room, especially if the windows provide a nice view of the outside.

Heavy Drapery Fabric
Heavy drapery fabric is a great choice for bedrooms or any other room where you would like to block most, if not all, of the light.   Heavy drapery fabric will keep your bedroom dark for a good night’s sleep!  It is also typically a very durable fabric, so it may be a good choice for a child’s bedroom. This is an excellent choice for someone wanting to cover the window to maintain their privacy.

Lined Drapes
Lined drapes are a great investment as they last longer than drapery made from one fabric.  The benefit of lining your drapers is that the liner will protect the fabric from fading caused by the sun.  The lining will also further protect your home from both hot and cold temperatures.  The lining can also decrease sound coming into your room.  Lined drapes are also a good choice for blocking out most of the light and will create a cozy environment for a good night’s sleep.

Where to Buy Drapery Fabric
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