What is Tapestry Fabric?

2343404__42776.1394156155.1280.1280You’ve probably heard of tapestries and perhaps the word makes you think of opulent art, but there’s more to tapestry fabric than that.

What is Tapestry Fabric?
Tapestry fabric is a heavy fabric made using a double weave. It is typically created on a vertical loom, using two sets of interlaced threads. In the construction process the threads running parallel to the length are called the warp. Those running parallel to the width are called the weft. The warp threads are set up on the loom, and the weft threads are sewn across them to create the pattern or picture. In tapestry fabric, the weft is what is seen, while the warp is hidden in the backside of the fabric.

Tapestries as Art
When most people think of tapestry fabric, they think of a beautiful wall hanging. Tapestry fabric has been used since ancient times as a form of artwork. Royalty used tapestry wall hangings for their artwork, as well as to help insulate their castles from the cold weather. Churches, including the Sistine Chapel, also used tapestry fabric for special occasions.
Tapestry fabric can be used to create intricate artwork and pictures. Some tapestry fabric are as intricate and detailed as a painting. The Christ in Glory tapestry that hangs in the Coventry Cathedral is 75.5 feet high. The Hunt of the Unicorn is another famous tapestry piece, which is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Tapestry as Upholstery
Tapestry can also be used as upholstery. Tapestry upholstery fabric is very thick and durable due to the construction process of the fabric. In tapestry upholstery fabric, it is more common to find patterns as opposed to prints. As the patterns are woven together and are a part of the fabric, this adds to the durability. In some upholstery fabric, the patters are simply printed onto white fabric, but this is not the case with tapestry fabric.
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Oakmont Garden


Fabric Content: 83% Polyester
17% Cotton
Performance: Exclusive Design

Lucienne Henna


Fabric Content: 60% Cotton,
25% Polyester,15% Rayon
Performance: 51,000 Double Rubs

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