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What is Tapestry Fabric?

2343404__42776.1394156155.1280.1280You’ve probably heard of tapestries and perhaps the word makes you think of opulent art, but there’s more to tapestry fabric than that.

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What is Norbar Fabrics?

norbar fabricNorbar Fabrics is a third generation owned and operated company that specializes in distributing designer fabric worldwide.  They are based in Boca Raton, Florida, and also have 120 showrooms worldwide.  They sell fabric, trim, leather and drapery hardware to designers and are known for their designer upholstery fabric. » Read more..

Tassels and Trims: The Finishing Touch

tassel and trimIf you are decorating your home or business, the fabric that you choose for your upholstery and drapes can set the tone of the entire room.  Once you have that completed, it can be fun to add unique finishing touches to really complete the look of your space.  One way to add that finishing touch is by using tassels and trim.

Window Treatments
Tassels and trim can complete the look of your window treatments.  If you have curtains covering the windows in your room, you can make them pop by adding tassels to the tie back.  If you have a valance on your window, you can show off the shape of the valance by adding a trim to the edge of the fabric. You can also use a braid to accent the leading edge of the drapery.  Any of these options will add a unique sense of style to your window treatments. » Read more..

How Do You Control Light with Drapery?

Ariella-Jacobean-Robin's-1319001-300Drapery can add the finished look to your widows and enhance your home décor.  Drapery can also allow you to control the amount of light you let into your room.  Much of this will depend on the purpose of your room and your personal choices.  Do you enjoy the outside scenery from your windows and would like to maintain a lot of light coming into your room?  Do you need to block the light for a dark room and a good night’s sleep? Depending on your answers and needs for your room, it may affect which material you use for your drapery. » Read more..

What is Velvet Fabric?

We know velvet when we feel it, and we have enjoyed its use as an upholstery fabric for places such as symphony halls, movie theaters and hotel lobbies. But what is velvet fabric?Robert Allen Fabric Soft Velvet Greystone

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Uses for Silk Fabric

Silk is a very popular and sought after fabric.  It is created using the thread from the silk worm cocoon, and was originally discovered in ancient China. Due to the many steps which are required to create the fabric, silk is considered to be a high end product and is expensive.Copen Fabric

Silk is well known for its smooth feel and beautiful luster appearance. Silk may appear to be a delicate fabric, but it is actually one of the strongest natural fabrics.  However, it is not considered to be a very durable fabric and will not hold up to repetitive use like other fabrics will.

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What is Mohair Velvet?

mohair velvetMohair
Mohair is a natural fabric made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is regarded as a high end fabric and is in demand for its durability, high luster and soft feel.  Unlike wool, mohair is not an itchy fabric.  Mohair fabric has been used in symphony halls, hotel lobbies, movie theaters, office furniture and is a wonderful fabric for home use.

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How Much Fabric for Curtains?

how much fabricDesigners can tell you that drapery fabric has the ability to make or break a room. So much of the feel and style of your room can be created by the look of your drapery fabric.  If you are looking to update the look of your room, you may want to consider adding new drapes to your windows.

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What is Silk Fabric?

silk fabric-smallSilk fabric is often thought of synonymously with the fabric orient. It’s also become known as a fabric of luxury.  But what is silk fabric?

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What is Mohair Fabric?

mohairIf you are looking for a smooth, luxurious and natural fabric, you have just found it in Mohair fabric.

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