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What is Drapery Fabric?

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What-is-Drapery-FabricFabric is fabric, right?  Or is it?  When you start searching around you find drapery fabric, tapestry fabric, upholstery fabric, and many others.  When you are ready to purchase drapery fabric you may have a number of questions. We all know what drapes look like, but what is the best drapery fabric?  Is drapery fabric different from other types of fabric?

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What is Sunbrella?

What is SunbrellaWith spring approaching, many of us are ready to pack up our winter gear and start thinking about our outdoor furniture.  If your outdoor furniture fabric looks worn and outdated, you may want to consider Sunbrella.

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What is Mod Fabric?

what is mod fabricOne of the popular fabric terms is “mod fabric”.  What is mod fabric?  Mod fabric is simply a short way to say modern fabric.  Mod fabric is basically anything that is popular and considered a modern look.  You may also call them “contemporary fabrics”.  Back in the 1970s, polyester could have been the mod fabric.  In the 1980s, neon colors could have been part of the mod fabric.  These older mod fabrics are sometimes referred to as vintage mod fabrics.

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What is Faux Leather Made Of?

what is faux leatherIf you are considering using leather fabric for your next project, you may be interested to know that faux leather is becoming an increasing popular choice, especially when the cost of leather is prohibitive.  Leather is also a somewhat limited resource since it is made using the skin of a real animal.  Manufacturers have perfected the process over the years to create a material that, while synthetic, looks and feels very close to the real thing.  In fact, unless you are very familiar with leather fabrics, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.  But when considering faux leather fabric, you probably want to know what faux leather fabric is made of.

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What is the Difference Between Leather and Faux Leather Material?

What is the Difference Between Leather and Faux Leather MaterialIf you are looking to complete a project using leather material, you may be considering using faux leather material, but wonder what the difference will be between leather and faux leather material.  The manufacturers have perfected their creation of faux leather material to make it look and feel very close to the real thing, but there are some differences. » Read more..

What is Faux Leather Fabric?

what is faux leatherLeather is a popular fabric because it looks good, feels good and even smells good!  It is a real material, made from the sacrifice of a cow.  Because it’s a real and somewhat limited product, it can be very expensive.  If you’re interested in purchasing leather fabric, you may want to consider faux leather fabric as an alternative.

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Our Fabric Quality Is Guaranteed to be Perfect

Our Fabric Quality Is Guaranteed to be PerfectWhen you are working on that perfect fabric project, you want to be sure the fabric you purchase is flawless.  We, at My Fabric Connection, want that for you too.

We Guarantee It

Because we know that if there is a flaw in your fabric, you will see it every time you look at your project.  Even if it looks perfect to others, you’ll still see the flaw.  We’re perfectionists about fabric too, and that is why we only sell First Quality, guaranteed fabric. » Read more..

When Should My Fabric Arrive?

When Should My Fabric Arrive?You search through the many options online at My Fabric Connection for the perfect fabric for your project. You’ve narrowed your choice down from the hundreds of thousands of options we have available.  So first of all, we want you to know that you made a great fabric choice! Now, you’re ready to get started on your project and you want your fabric to arrive quickly.  At My Fabric Connection we understand that, and we will work to get your fabric to you as fast as possible. » Read more..

Check First, Then Cut!

Check First, Then Cut!We’ve all heard the woodworking expression “measure twice, cut once”. When it comes to working with fabric, the important thing to remember is “check first, then cut”! Why is that important?  Because My Fabric Connection and the manufacturers we’ve partnered with can only guarantee fabric that has NOT been cut.

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Finish That Pinterest Project and Save Money with Low Fabric Prices

Finish That Pinterest Project and Save Money with Low Fabric PricesWith the popularity of do-it-yourself crafting blogs sites like Pinterest, many people enjoy saving a little money and making updates to their home with a little know how and, of course, beautiful fabrics! Whether you want to update an older couch with a fresh new slip cover, or just add a pop of color with some new pillows, you will want to be sure you have access to a wide choice of high quality fabric. My Fabric Connection can get you the fabric you need, at the low fabric prices you want! » Read more..