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How Do You Control Light with Drapery?

Ariella-Jacobean-Robin's-1319001-300Drapery can add the finished look to your widows and enhance your home décor.  Drapery can also allow you to control the amount of light you let into your room.  Much of this will depend on the purpose of your room and your personal choices.  Do you enjoy the outside scenery from your windows and would like to maintain a lot of light coming into your room?  Do you need to block the light for a dark room and a good night’s sleep? Depending on your answers and needs for your room, it may affect which material you use for your drapery. » Read more..

How Much Fabric for Curtains?

how much fabricDesigners can tell you that drapery fabric has the ability to make or break a room. So much of the feel and style of your room can be created by the look of your drapery fabric.  If you are looking to update the look of your room, you may want to consider adding new drapes to your windows.

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What is Drapery Fabric?

Drapes 3

What-is-Drapery-FabricFabric is fabric, right?  Or is it?  When you start searching around you find drapery fabric, tapestry fabric, upholstery fabric, and many others.  When you are ready to purchase drapery fabric you may have a number of questions. We all know what drapes look like, but what is the best drapery fabric?  Is drapery fabric different from other types of fabric?

What is Drapery Fabric? » Read more..

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