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Tassels and Trims: The Finishing Touch

tassel and trimIf you are decorating your home or business, the fabric that you choose for your upholstery and drapes can set the tone of the entire room.  Once you have that completed, it can be fun to add unique finishing touches to really complete the look of your space.  One way to add that finishing touch is by using tassels and trim.

Window Treatments
Tassels and trim can complete the look of your window treatments.  If you have curtains covering the windows in your room, you can make them pop by adding tassels to the tie back.  If you have a valance on your window, you can show off the shape of the valance by adding a trim to the edge of the fabric. You can also use a braid to accent the leading edge of the drapery.  Any of these options will add a unique sense of style to your window treatments. » Read more..